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What Assumptions Are Holding You Back?

At Inspiring Ventures, much of our work is designed to help you shift perspectives, pull apart unconscious assumptions, cause you to re-examine your usual ways, and then help you reconstruct things in a way that will work better for you…in business and in life.

Which is why one of the things we first explore in The Game-Changer Experience are your assumptions; think of these like your operating instructions.

You use your assumptions to make sense of and understand things that happen around you, to you or to other people…if X happens, then because of the assumptions you hold you’ll usually expect Y. The basic set of assumptions that you currently hold true will typically determine your behaviour, your decisions and your interactions and responses.

So how do you know what assumptions you currently hold?

The following general themes can be useful to dig down into your own assumptions, with some prompting questions to help you dig in:


  • Do you believe that everyone deserves to be happy?
  • Do you believe that you deserve it?
  • Do you believe happiness is something you have to earn or work hard for?


  • Is being rich a good or bad thing?
  • What does it mean to be rich?
  • Do you deserve to be rich?


  • Does success always require hard work?
  • Does success require/mean change?
  • Is success really achievable? For you?


  • Are humans capable of change, at any age?
  • Are you capable of change, at your age?
  • Is change a good or a bad thing?


  • Does life have to be hard or easy?
  • Is life good or bad?


  • Are people inherently good or bad?
  • Are people out to support or get you?

Fundamentally, the assumptions you currently hold as true are like your operating instructions; they are the lens through which you view your life and how you’re creating it.

While the above are very general, it’s possible to dig down into some of your more deeply-held assumptions about key themes and triggers for you to uncover where some of your blocks lie.

What assumptions are currently in your operating manual that are not serving you well?

The good news is that if you don’t like one or more of the assumptions you’re operating from, you are totally free to change them, whenever you choose.

If you’d like to explore your assumptions in more depth and find out how to change them, why not join the next group of The Game-Changer Experience →