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What Does It Take To Pull The Trigger?

Have you ever thought about what specifically triggers you to decide to do something? Especially if it’s something you’ve been considering for a while but have not yet taken the plunge…

This is something I talk about with clients a lot, especially when it comes to selling their stuff and, even more specifically, closing a sale.

People struggle with the fact that they appear to have interest in the stuff they share – lots of likes on Facebook, maybe some comments and shares, and people appearing keen – but when it comes to pulling the trigger and buying…nothing! That interest converts to no sales and they’re left wondering what they did wrong.

To understand this, I think it’s important to understand the following…

Pain often trumps pleasure

For the vast majority of business owners I’ve worked with, the trigger that usually causes a compelling and immediate move towards action is when the pain or discomfort gets too intense to bear and action is the only recourse.

The lure of the positive – however fabulous it might be – is usually too unknown, too nebulous a concept, and too dream-like to compel people towards action…which is why pain usually wins out.

Strategic planning, for example, is not the most alluring of services to offer…

I could outline how amazing it feels to be organised, focused and directed, plus have everything neatly on one page in all its glory to be seen daily and keeping you on track…but even I know that it’s not really that compelling a vision to get people to pull out their wallets/hit the ‘buy now’ button and pay the equivalent of fancy meal in London for the pleasure!

What usually works better instead is to understand that the ongoing chaos is starting to have more devastating consequences for my people, or the feeling of treading water and never ever getting closer to the shore is beginning to make them feel like they’re drowning, or that the feeling of life bossing them instead of them bossing life is really getting them down… it’s the pain that causes the trigger pulling, not the allure of the pleasure.

And it’s the same for your prospects, customers and clients or anyone who you wish would hurry the hell up and do something!…you need to know what the trigger is for them, and if you’re agitating the wrong one (let’s say you’re focusing on describing and selling the pleasure when it’s the pain that is the trigger), that’s why you’re not closing sales.

What you need to do: Understand the motivation for their movement – pain or pleasure – and tap into that with your content, your posts and your language, if you want to get them to pull the trigger.

Show Them Behind The Curtain

The unknown is often a scary place; pulling the trigger often means venturing into the unknown and into that scary place of uncertainty. Who would do that willingly, yet alone pay for the privilege?!

That’s the kind of mindset your prospects may be experiencing…they may know they want and need what you’re selling, but right now it’s beyond their place of comfort and they have no idea what to expect.

Starting work with a VA team like the Rescue Desk, for example, is a place of total unknown for many micro and small business owners who’ve been so used to it being just them, that they have no idea how to bring someone onto their team of one!

And so we have a very thorough on-boarding process which I describe in detail during a sales call; when they do join us, they know exactly what to expect – a welcome email, how to set up their account on our helpdesk platform, and some templates to help them submit their first tasks.

And if, after a few days, they still haven’t submitted anything, I follow up personally to make sure they’re ok and don’t need any further help. It takes the mystery out of how to work with us, and what will happen when they do buy from us, and it dramatically improved my closing rate!

What you need to do: When you view your buying process from this perspective, it’s important to lift the veil on what happens once they’ve purchased. Describe the process – what should they expect, what will they see/experience/be sent, when can they expect to experience the pleasure/benefits?

If you want more of your prospects to pull the trigger, think consciously about what makes you do the same…and build this into your interactions, content and outreach strategy for a much greater impact (and higher closing rate!).