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Game Changer Coaching


This is for the business owner who is ready to stop playing small and step out of the shadows. This is for the business owner whose business is ready for an overhaul, and they’re not afraid to admit it or face it. This is for YOU if you are ready to step up and become the CEO your business needs.


A combination of one-to-one coaching and mentoring to help you build a sustainable (read: One you love to run both now and in 5+ years time) and profitable (read: One that keeps your profit margins healthy without compromising your values) business. My approach puts your business’ core values and your customers’ perspective at the heart of everything.


To Plan: We’ll kick off with a 2-3 hour strategy session; this is to help you get clarity around your mission and start creating a Values-Based Business Plan (or other kind of strategic plan if you have a preference).

We’ll also look at creating a Quarterly Action Plan which will help you know where to focus your efforts and direct your energy as you implement the plan over the next quarter.

To Implement: Based upon your needs, as you move forward to implementation, you can choose from the following options for further support:

  1. A 1-hour Skype call each month.
  2. A 1-hour Skype call each month PLUS weekly check-ins in our private ‘virtual’ board room.

The board room is where we’ll communicate on a weekly basis – to agree your focus for that week and review progress at the end of it. If you encounter any hurdles during the week, I’ll be on-hand to talk things through and answer any questions you have in the board room (it’s essentially just our own private chat room!).

How Long?

If you would like additional support after the initial strategy session, I ask that you commit on a quarter by quarter basis; this is long enough to begin to action real change and see the results of being more strategic about what you do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

How Much?

⇒ Initial Strategy Session.

You’ll receive access to my Values-Based Business Planning eKit (usually £197) before our session so you can arrive prepared (though it’s not strictly necessary if you don’t have time, since I’ll be walking you through the process 😉 ). Then we’ll jump on a 2-3 hour call to craft your plan, and start getting clarity around your mission, your vision, what’s currently missing in your business and a plan of action to get ‘there’.

Your investment is £495.

⇒ A 1-hour Skype call each month, for 3 months.

This option is ideal if you need the strategic direction upfront but then prefer to get on with implementing yourself.

If however you do need ad hoc support in between the calls, please email me with your questions; I would rather you ask, than sit there stuck! However, please respect that this additional support is offered on a basis of trust, that you’ll know when enough is enough and when you might need to move to the next level of support 🙂

Your investment is £175 per month, for 3 months.

⇒ A 1-hour Skype call each month PLUS weekly board room check-ins, for 3 months.

This option is for when you need more hands-on support on a weekly basis, and feel like you’ll have more questions as you move forward with implementing the plan.

Your investment is £250 per month, for 3 months.

…What No Looong Sales Page?

That’s right, no long sales page! If you’re interested in this and reading it, you already know I can help you. To find out whether we’re a great match together, get in touch.

P.S. These are the very important terms and conditions for Game Changer support.

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