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Press & Praise

“Lea Woodward is incredibly insightful and has a real talent for asking just the right questions so that whatever stage of business development you’re at you’ll come away feeling inspired and positive and knowing that all those vague hazy ideas you had can actually become reality. She breaks things down into manageable chunks, shows you just how to make it happen and gently guides you forward. Definitely a great person to have on your team.” Ali Marsland, The Effective English Company

“Using Lea’s approach has made one of the biggest goals for my business suddenly feel achievable. And I don’t need to feel afraid of not being able to do it. I found Lea’s way of asking questions and conversing very useful for stretching my boundaries and overcoming a fear of presenting my ideas to others. The value of Lea’s experience really shone through for me, and receiving personalised business advice at an affordable cost has been invaluable.” – Anne-Marie Springer, House To Hold

“You know you’ve been given some good advice when you get off the call and immediately start plotting the changes you want to make in your business. It was such a joy to be able able to talk through the systems and plans I’ve been working on and get more clarity around what i need and what I can let go of. Lea really knows her stuff and if you’re a solopreneur like I am, no doubt you often wish you had someone to brainstorm with — Lea is that person. Recommended!” – Susannah Conway

Some of our projects have been featured in international press outlets – from TV, to newspaper, to magazines to popular online websites. You can see a selection of these below…

Online Media

We’ve been featured, interviewed, listed or profiled in many online media outlets:

  • Lea wrote about juggling motherhood and nomadic entrepreneurship here on Forbes.
  • Lea wrote about how to launch a website with a fanfare (vs. deafening silence!) here on Forbes.
  • Lea wrote about going from consulting to entrepreneurship in Time.
  • Lea was interviewed about being a domain name addict (!) for Fast Company.
  • Lea was interviewed about location independence on Mixergy.
  • Lea was featured as one of  Forbes’ Thirty Women Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter.
  • Lea shared a tip for naming your startup here on Upstart.
  • Lea shared a tip for balancing entrepreneurship & parenthood on Inc.

Newspapers & Magazines

Lea has been interviewed, featured and mentioned in a number of global media outlets over the past few years, including:

Published Books

We’ve also been featured in a number of books including:

  • Escape from Cubicle Nation by Pamela Slim
  • Screw Work, Let’s Play by John S. Williams
  • The 9-to-5 Cure by Kristin Cardinale
  • She Takes on the World: A Guide to Being Your Own Boss, Working Happy, and Living on Purpose by Natalie MacNeil
  • Be A Free Range Human by Marianne Cantwell


Lea has spoken – virtually and in person – to audiences globally including:

  • At the Freshmen Seminar, American College of Management and Technology, Dubrovnik on “The skills that open up doors & opportunities in today’s world”.
  • At Hult International Business School, Dubai campus for the “Pocket MBA for Women Who Aspire to Lead” Program.

We are available for interviews and features in both online and offline publications. Just drop us a line by email and someone on our team will get back to you as soon as we can.

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