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How To Stand Out In A Sea Of Same-ness (Even If You’re Not Sure What Makes You Special)

Do you ever stop and wonder why – despite all the hard work you’ve put in to your business – you still feel like just another one of the millions of coaches, web designers, writers, yoga teachers, [insert your role here] in your industry?

Perhaps it’s dawning on you that – to the outside world, the one that matters to your business at least i.e. your prospects, clients and customers NOT your Mum, your mates and anyone else who has hitherto been sticking their well-meaning oar in guiding you with unqualified business advice – your business is just. Nothing. Special. Sob.

In a sea of same-ness and if you’re unsure of what exactly makes you special – what on earth is your USP? – here are three ways to identify if you’re falling into the trap of same-old, same-old…

#1 What language do you use?

Read the home page of your website. Are you using words that every pro and his dog uses in your industry? Are you offering an SEO-friendly, fully responsive website? [Do your ideal clients even know why that matters?] Are you passionate about helping people to live their best life? Do you help people unleash their greatness? Or discover their purpose? Does the language you’re using really sound like you? Is it really that special? Is it really that different? Is it really YOU?

#2 How are you marketing your business?

Are you all about the funnels? The podcasts? The Facebook groups? The leadpages? Are you using the same strategies and tactics that your colleagues are using? [Do you all follow the same people sharing the same advice?] How well is that working out for you and your special business?

#3 What’s your product portfolio like?

A clarity/power/vision/discovery call? A ££££ coaching programme? A VIP day? Is this the way you really want to work or is this simply the way everyone does it and it works for them?

How To Truly Stand Out From The Sea Of Same-ness

A business that hasn’t yet tapped into and can’t communicate what makes it special is a business that is more likely to struggle than a business which knows and can clearly communicate what sets it apart. And the good thing is that it’s not actually that difficult to stand out…there are plenty of great role models who do it.

Let your personality truly shine through

…even if you’ve always been told it’s not ‘professional’ to do so. 

Like Shona whose use of Instagram to build her brand as a yoga teacher and personal trainer is so smart and savvy. Her personality shines through in the comments on each picture she posts and this is carried through to her website too. She’s building a powerhouse global brand and you can see how she’s doing it in plain sight on Instagram.

Pick a communication channel you like

…and use it consistently and *really* well.

Like Heather from Mommypotamus – a healthy ‘Mom’ blogger – who has an impressive following primarily on Facebook, a platform she leverages really well. If you follow her for any length of time, you’ll notice she recycles posts in a timely manner (but not too often that it’s noticeable), she’s great at boundaries (knowing when to respond to comments and when not to), and gets an active response to almost everything she posts. She’s clearly present and yet I don’t get the impression that she spends hours and hours managing the page.

Find a unique way to use your skills

…and offer something different.

Like Jackie who is building a values-based business from the ground up, using core values as a guiding light to leverage her coaching skills and build something different from your typical life coaching business.

Do the same thing as others

…but do it REALLY well or a little differently.

Like the courses I’ll be running at Inspiring Ventures. While at they’re core, they cover the same topics you’ll find elsewhere online, each one has a little twist which makes it stand out very clearly in the sea of online courses around.

The brutal truth is that few business owners have the awareness to see that they’re nothing special and the balls to do something about it. Do you?