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Have You Actually Planned Your Game-Changing Success?

If you look at today’s game changers of this world – the Elon Musks, the Richard Bransons and the Oprah Winfreys – game-changing doesn’t just happen on its own, left to chance and happenstance. It is planned strategically from the start.

If you’re sitting on a business that could be a game changer but it’s not there yet, what will it take to make it so?

Here are three things you need to build into your strategic plan to bring to life the game-changing vision you have…

#1 Operate Out Of Everyone’s Comfort Zone

If you want your business to be a game changer, then you’re going to have to get comfortable with operating far beyond your and anyone else’s comfort zone.

Game-changers are often pioneers – pushing the boundaries, challenging the status quo, and operating in a field that few others are courageous enough to step into.

Obviously this isn’t likely to be comfortable, and yet it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable either; it’s a matter of perspective and in these realms, the rules are often different (and maybe even not yet written).

As pioneers of the location independent movement, we quickly realised that playing by the rules meant very different things in different places and that, most of the time, the only consistent thing was change.

If you’re currently comfortable and working in your bubble of ‘business as usual’ mode – writing books, running workshops, publishing blog posts, hosting webinars, or perhaps even procrastinating and kidding yourself that you’re progressing – but your business and your actions aren’t having the impact you want, perhaps it’s time to push beyond these boundaries of comfort into something more.

Take a look at your strategic plan and ask yourself this:

Where do you need to push yourself over the boundaries of your comfort zone, in order to have the bigger impact you want? 

#2 Do What No-one Else Is Willing To Do

Changing the game is often simply a by-product of doing something different, doing something better and doing the things that no-one else is willing or able to do.

When Richard Branson started Virgin Atlantic, he took on the likes of BA and did what few airlines in the industry were doing at the time…cared about his customers:“We just made it that much more special than all the other airlines we were competing with” Richard says.

If you want your project to be a game changer, ask yourself this:

What is no-one else willing to do, that I am?

#3 Be Ruthlessly Consistent

When you’re working on a purpose-fuelled venture, there is no top of the hill to reach…it’s an ongoing, never-ending march from one milestone to the next, looking for ongoing improvement and progress. Game-changers keep plugging away through the challenges, the failures and the successes.

This is why consistency is key. It can feel boring – especially to those of us who like the shiny new things – and it can be easy to get distracted from the purpose or broaden the scope too quickly.

If you struggle with consistency and wonder whether what you’re doing is what you should be doing, ask yourself this:

Am I consistently doing what my business needs me to do to deliver on its promise?

Game-changing businesses do NOT happen by accident; take a long, hard look at your strategic plan and ask yourself if what you’ve got on there is going to build the game-changing vision you have.