Get over yourself and do what YOU want...

How Do You Do What You Do?

Did you know that you do ‘things’ in a very specific, unique-to-you way? Sometimes the way you do things – your behaviours – are less than useful… Being nervous in certain situations e.g. public speaking, meeting new people etc. Being afraid of something e.g. starting something new, dealing with money etc. Uncontrollable or emotional eating When you understand exactly… Continue Reading →

Whose Voice Do You Listen To?

If you recall, I wrote previously about how important the words we use are. But it’s not just the words we use, it’s also important that you’re aware of who speaks those words…that voice in your head which is probably the one reading this to you right now 😉 It’s one reason why many people struggle to meditate… Continue Reading →

Change Your Words, Change Your Life: The Importance of Specificity

Beyond our language lessons at school, many of us never actually progress with our study of language because it’s almost like we’re ‘done’ with our learning, and so our use and mastery of language often stalls. But when you consider how we personally experience our worlds, you’ll notice that it’s primarily through language and the words we and/or that voice… Continue Reading →

How Do You Make Sense Of The World?

Have you ever stopped to think about how YOU make sense of the/your world? We all experience things differently – as they teach in NLP, the map is not the territory – and we experience ourselves and the world through FIVE key senses/modalities: Seeing Hearing Feeling Tasting Smelling When we experience something externally, we then re-present… Continue Reading →

What Assumptions Are Holding You Back?

At Inspiring Ventures, much of our work is designed to help you shift perspectives, pull apart unconscious assumptions, cause you to re-examine your usual ways, and then help you reconstruct things in a way that will work better for you…in business and in life. Which is why one of the things we first explore in The Game-Changer Experience are your… Continue Reading →

How To Start Outsourcing (With Ease)

Part 1: What If You’re Not Ready To Outsource? You need to be operating at your most effective before you even think about bringing others on board to help and expand your team. If you’re not, here’s our advice on getting stuff done and operating at your most effective. If you are not well prepared… Continue Reading →

Leaping From Procrastination to Productivity

Making a leap from procrastination to productivity isn’t just a matter of using the right kind of tools, techniques or butt-kicking motivational quotes – it usually requires looking a bit deeper than that. In this post, we’ll explore that depth and help you move from procrastination to productivity… Step 1: What’s your flavour of procrastination? Nathaniel Branden… Continue Reading →

How To Figure Out Your Core Values

A while ago, I took my daughter to see an old Disney movie – The Sword in the Stone. One line that the wizard, Merlin, said as he was training the boy struck a chord with me: “Just because you look like a fish, doesn’t mean you are one. You don’t have the right instincts… Continue Reading →

What Does It Take To Pull The Trigger?

Have you ever thought about what specifically triggers you to decide to do something? Especially if it’s something you’ve been considering for a while but have not yet taken the plunge… This is something I talk about with clients a lot, especially when it comes to selling their stuff and, even more specifically, closing a sale. People… Continue Reading →